Pastor:     Rev. Jessica Paulsen

Pastor Jessica began ministry with Pickford Presbyterian in May 2013. She has a degree in English and Religion from Simpson College and received her Master of Divinity from Union Presbyterian Seminary. Pastor Jessica grew up in Iowa and her first trip to the U.P. was for her initial in person interview with the Pastor Nominating Committee. Since then, she has grown to love the U.P. and all it has to offer. Pastor Jessica enjoys spending time outdoors, crocheting through the winter, and traveling to see friends and family.




Secretary/Treasurer: Jessica Bjunes

Jessica started with Pickford Presbyterian in January 2017. She is a native of Pickford and graduated from Pickford Schools before attending Lake Superior State University for Office Administration. She began her career working for War Memorial Hospital before transitioning to some small business opportunities. Jessica and her husband, Charlie, have two children, Dylan and Abbey. She also enjoys photography and spending as much time as possible outdoors.





Custodian: Arlene Portice

Music Director: Sarah Morrison

Organists/Accompanists: Karen Hughes Beacom and Jill Halsey


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